Ektomorf – “The Acoustic”

Ektomorf – “The Acoustic” (AFM Records)

This could be Ektomorf’s most ambitious release to date! It’s certainly very bold putting an acoustic interpretation on songs (both old, new and covers) that one would normally associate with the bands aggro metal style a la Sepultura. In fact, if this was any other band I’d be approaching this with considerable trepidation. However, Ektomorf have one big ace in their pack – Zoltán “Zoli” Farkas! Given this guy is a Romanian Gypsy and guitars and fiddles to these guys are like swords to a Samurai, this has turned out to be an amazing release – old songs like ‘Stigmatized’ actually sound even darker with all the noise gone. The inherent bitterness in Zoli’s voice is clear as he sings ‘..give me more pain, I take it..give me more hate, and I make it…’ whether it’s from his people being persecuted over the centuries or the sadness in the soft ballad of ‘Fate’ comes across movingly and are highly emotional pieces that come from the heart. Even his ambitious cover of Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ comes across as believable cos he sings it like he’s been there. Powerful stuff indeed and proof that you don’t need to play on ten to rate a ten.

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