Eldkraft – “Shaman”

Eldkraft – “Shaman” (Metal Blade Records)

Intense Nordic Pagan Metal. From the icy wastes of Norrland come the awesome duo of Eldkraft who evoke soul stirring primordial passions and spiritual visions through their electrifying pagan music! Driven by the operatic vocals of J Sandin, Eldkraft’s music takes us right back to the raw primal Nordic aggression of Burzum, although this Swedish duo’s musicianship goes well beyond the physical plane to have a powerful spirituality inherent in compositions like ‘I Dodens Famn’, ‘Fate’s Door’ and ‘Gammal Krigare’. Powerfully Nordic in its style, Eldkraft’s music seems to have been drawn from traditional sources and especially from the Sami people, where shamanic styles, throat singing etc go hand in hand with a strong beliefs in the spiritual plane. Definitely the most evoking album I’ve heard this year, “Shaman” is aptly named – and I for one believe in the magic of Eldkraft.

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