Eldorado – “Anti Gravity Sound Machine”

Eldorado – “Anti Gravity Sound Machine” (www.eldoradorockband.com)

As exotic as their name suggestions, this Spanish hard rock band are ironically named after the same mystical lost city of gold that never was. Taking inspiration from 70s rock legends like Bad Company, Purple and especially Zepp in Jesus Trujillo’s Plant-like vocals, Eldorado bring a contemporary but highly talented sound to the likes of ‘Space Mambo’, ‘Lady Of The Mountain’ and ‘Like A Lost Child’, all of which are graced with deep rock riffs, Hammond organ and funky blues licks. At times they could be hinting at grunge, whilst elsewhere it’s classic rock all the way baby, their musicianship being second to none. Given the number of awards they’ve won and amount of touring they’ve done in Spain, I’m surprised they’ve opted to crowd fund this album, rather than go for a label? But then maybe Eldorado are setting their sights far higher by singing in English on this album and given their music has a definite international appeal it looks like these modern day descendants of the Conquistadors are still chasing their dream!

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