ELDPROV “Until Nightfall”

“Until Nightfall”

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ELDPROV originates from Gällivare, way up north in Sweden, 1800 plus kilometers from me. I got to hear about this band through a group on Facebook. I just had to check them out so I sent away for their debut single. I am a huge sucker for physical items, not so much a fan of digital unless I am in my car. So when this one arrived in my mail box it was like a minor holiday for me. For once I am not too far off when it comes to new bands. I really like this despite it being only one track. In my book this is black metal. But I am not sure that is the whole truth. I do hear traces of death metal too in the sound. But mostly I hear black metal, and very dramatic black metal. I am not saying symphonic because it ain’t that. More dramatic in a very theatrical way. As I said, I really like this one track single. I have played it on repeat for a couple of hours now and I still find new things to like about it. Anders Ekdahl

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