ELEANOR “Celestial Nocturne”

“Celestial Nocturne”
(Mighty Music)

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I know that I repeat myself but Japan is one of these countries that has a special place in my metalheart. And have had so since the 80s. So whenever I get sent a new album by a Japanese band I take extra notice. And ELEANOR are no exception to that rule. But I am not blind to Japanese bands. I will tell you if I think it sucks. Not that this sucks. This is a goth metal band from Osaka that formed in 2006 and have since then released three full length albums as well as a couple of Eps and demos. This is the latest one from 2016 that now gets released Europe wide by Mighty Music with three bonsu tracks. You might have watched the video I posted a week ago or so. If so, you know what to expect from this. What I like about the Japanese is that they almost always are very proficient at their instruments. This is no exception. The musicianship is top notch. I am really a sucker for a good guitar solo. But the rest is too very good. A really cool goth metal record by a band that I will keep checking out. Anders Ekdahl

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