Electric Hydra – “Electric Hydra”

Electric Hydra – “Electric Hydra” (Tee Pee)
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Having blasted off at Sweden Rock, Fuzzfestival, Malmöfestivalen and SWR Barroselas Metalfest comes Electric Hydra, the latest Swedish stoner rock sensation, who are fresh off touring Europe with Lucifer, Monolord, Truckfighters and Greenleaf – among many others! As much influenced by Kyuss and Fu Manchu along with Entombed (!) in their bottom-heavy sound, the band features At the Gates / Bombs of Hades’ Jonas Stålhammar on guitar along with the incredible femme power vocals of soulful Sanne Karlsson. Formed in 2017 and having released 3 singles, Electric Hydra’s killer shows have made them prominent on the radar of many in the Swedish underground, so this self-titled debut comes as no surprise in being long awaited. Reflective of their live energy with a big sound, this 10-track album is charged with stoked out performances, so if getting mellow and tripping out is your preference, then hit the dust before you’re blown away by the sheer power on show here! Any doubters are more than open to check out the huge grooves thickly rolling out on ‘The Betrayal’ as it rocks and rolls thanks to Ellinor Andersson’s massive, heaving bass and Dennis Åhman’s pounding drums. Yes, it’s definitely stoner but Electric Hydra are f–kin’ heavy! Vocalist Sanne Karlsson is nothing short of a gem, fearsome in her power and gifted with a high range while being equally touching in tones, and as such providing either the perfect contrast or complement to the power of this hard rockin’ band. With Andersson’s beefy basslines humming in ‘1,000 Lies’, the stoner riffs from Stålhammar and Peter Söderberg just rock into you with down tuned love abundant as Karlsson whisks you off with her hypnotic croons amid more far out breaks and groovy licks – superb. Bringing in some hard – and I mean hard – rock on ‘End Of Days’ the twin guitars rock and wail as Andersson’s bass booms away amid Åhman’s cymbal smashes while Karlsson alternates between delivering her feisty rock lines and soulfully spiriting you away on this dream of an album. With no keyboards, frills or space age effects, just expect the smell of a real hard rock band and the sound of pure pulsating amp energy on this one.
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