Electric Mob – “Discharge”

Electric Mob – “Discharge” (Frontiers Music)
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Joining the list of new vocal giants like Jelusick of Animal Drive, Nathan James of Inglorious and Ronnie Romero of The Ferrymen comes Renan Zonta who is no stranger to rock fans in Brazil as he is one of the most acclaimed participants of all time on the TV show “The Voice Brazil,” with more than 3 million views on YouTube! Joining his amazing vocal talents are 3 young, hungry and equally gifted musicians in Ben Hur Auwarter (guitar), Yuri Elero (bass) and André Leister (drums) who make up Electric Mob. Formed in Curitiba, Brazil, these guys go way, way beyond being a vocal platform for Zonta in aiming right for the top with their stunning hard rock drawing from Aerosmith, Guns ‘N’ Roses and Audioslave, along with a bluesy touch added. Not surprisingly snapped up by Frontiers, the stadium shaking sound on this album is nothing short of being on par with those aforementioned bands, so we’re definitively talking ‘rock giant’ potential here my friends because the music across the 12 superb tracks on this awesome debut simply ooze rock in every tone and chord! With every instrument popping to get a look in, the sheer confidence in the musicianship itself is to be awed, and you get to see why as Zonta’s unbelievable soul grabs you on the aptly named ‘Got Me Runnin” while his highs send you into bliss as does Auwarter’s wailing southern rock guitar, not forgetting Leister’s accompanying cowbell. With Elero’s rolling bass really pumping in the groove on ‘123 Burn’, Zonta’s ignites the fire on this moody piece with its dark keyboard tones, backed by the soulful slide guitar of Auwarter, who also keeps things busy throughout like Mark Tremonti through a ceaseless arsenal of catchy hooks, licks and impeccably timed breaks. Kicking serious ass on ‘Higher Than Your Heels’ through Auwarter’s teasing guitar and Elero’s absolutely funking bass, Zonta’s rap rhyming vocals set you up for the massive epic chorus where his sustained vocal power is undeniable in tearing straight into your heart – it’s absolutely devastating! Going deep on ‘Brand New Rope’, Auwarter’s emotional guitars work superbly around Zonta’s soul as Elero bass twangs in the background, but then come together for the climatic power chorus dramatically added to by Leister’s pounding drums. Like it says, “Discharge” is nothing short of a hard rock heart attack!
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