ELECTRIC TAURUS has a name that kinda screams 70s psychedelia a long way. I’m not the hugest Hawkwind fan but that is only because I haven’t listened to them at all. But I do like the idea of a psychedelic hardrock band from Italy, if that is what I’ll get. I wasn’t too far off to expect this to be strongly influenced by the seventies. I like the groove that this album got. If you like early Monster Magnet you might find this to be as equally entertaining. Perhaps not as free ranging as KYUSS or the bands that followed from the desert but still groovy enough to be thrown in with that whole lot. I like stoner rock. I like doom. I like Black Sabbath. I like the hardrock of the 70s. Mix them all together and you end up with something like ELECTRIC TAURUS. Anders Ekdahl

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