Electric Woodland – “Potrero”


Electric Woodland – “Potrero” (Snaxville Recordings)

Norwegian acid rock. If The Doors went to live in the pine forests of Norway and listened to Jimi then Electric Woodland is probably what they would sound like. Even their formation is equally bizarre: initially planned as a house warming duo, upon hearing the local music festival had gone bust, they recruited others to become a band, built a studio to rehearse and ultimately re-started both the festival and Electric Woodland in the process. I mean, how far out is that?! Musically Electric Woodland aren’t quite as comatose as The Doors, offering a slightly more up beat blues based rock centered around fuzz tinged guitars and lots of funky grooves n licks. Vocally the ghost of Jim Morrison is certainly present on songs like ‘Humbread’, ‘Dog Without A Bone’ and ‘Old Airplane’ although they also vary into a more 60s folkish style that also works. Add in some backing psychedelic keyboards and sunshine harmonies and you’re pretty much there – man, they even recorded this in analogue – deffo one for groovers, hippies and nature lovers!

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