ELECTROCUTION “Inside The Unreal”

“Inside The Unreal”
(GoreGore records)
This Italian band is new to me even though this is a re-release of a twenty (20) year old album. Were the hell where I in 1992. Not anywhere near this, that is for sure. And that was at the high point of my fanzine buying days. There must have been something that put me off even trying to look this up back then. Electrocution take one or two pages from the book of Chuck (Death). This is pretty much in that same vein of technically advanced death metal. While not being as advanced as Death was in the early 90s these Italian guys still had one foot in the Floridian death metal mull that was so popular back then. In me missing out on this the first time I kinda make up for it now. As a time capsule this works wonders. As a death metal album for the 10s it actually works quite well. This has nothing to be ashamed of even today. But with that comes a sadness that death metal hasn’t evolved more than this in 20 years, or is it a comfort that it’s the same still? Anders Ekdahl

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