Elegy Of Madness – “Invisible World”

Elegy Of Madness – “Invisible World” (Pride & Joy Music)
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If you’re a fan of symphonic metal along the lines of Delain, Within Temptation and Epica, then this superb Italian band is sure to excite you! Formed in 2006, Elegy Of Madness have released 3 prior albums and opened for Sabaton, Amorphis, Therion, Arkona and Lacuna Coil, as well as playing festivals across Europe like Balkan Metal Meeting (Croatia), Dream Rock Event (Italy), Quinphonic Festival (UK) and even touring further in Ukraine. Certainly well known in their homeland, the band are currently finishing a year long tour in support of their 3rd album “New Era” which paves the way brilliantly for “Invisible World”! Led by the superb flowing femme vocals of Anja Irullo and backed by Luca Basile’s cello and orchestrals, the other vital component in Elegy Of Madness’s sound is founder guitarist growl vocalist Tony Tomasicchio, who more than makes his presence felt, especially during the more bombastic aspects of the 11 tracks here. Steeped in deep passion and heart grabbing melodies, songs like ‘Apnoea’ will simply lift you into heavenly bliss through the non stop mix of soothing vocals, charming orchestrals and moving guitars. Equally, on the more epic material like title track ‘Invisible World’, the blending of orchestrals with heavier drums and guitars is exquisitely done, as are the contrasting gruff vocals of Tomasicchio to that of Irullo’s own delicate touch. Utterly captivating through the catchy but rocking chorus on ‘Believe’, Elegy Of Madness show they have many strings to their bow, but more importantly are able to elicit a wide range of appeal through their composing skill. Even taking in folk on ‘Kore’, the piped melody and Irullo’s beautiful voice could lure a dragon and indeed, even the band’s furore of hammering drums and dark vocal drawls cannot overcome her soprano, which just makes me cry tears of joy. This is a very classy band indeed, and “Invisible World” proves it abundantly in every regard.
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