ELEINE “Until The End”

“Until The End”

Battle Helm Rating

ELEINE are no strangers to Battle Helm. I interviewed them a long time ago when their self-released, since then rereleased debut album was new. Since then they have grown, been signed to Black Lodge and played live a lot. This is a regional band. They come from a town 25km south of me and they have played numerous times in my hometown but I have missed them every single time. Musically this is symphonic goth metal with female vocals. On this new album you can tell that they have grown into the costume a bit better. Everything feels tighter. What they do is nothing new, the beauty and beast dual vocals and the symphonic arrangements but they do it so well that you cannot but like this. And as a sucker for this kind of metal it has to be pretty bad for me to not give thumbs up. And I give this thumbs up. Anders Ekdahl

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