ELI VAN PIKE “Blutrausch”

(darkSIGN Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I love Rammstein. I have done so ever since I saw their very first video on TV back in the 90s. To me Rammstein is the epitome of what Germany is all about, albeit a bit cliché like. I am not at all familiar with the German/American industrial metal act ELI VAN PIKE. But their sound on this digital single is very much Rammstein. I usually don’t really care too much about what a band sounds like but this is too much even for me. If they don’t get sued it is a major miracle. This is basically a homage to Rammstein in both sound and spirit. But having said that it is a bloody good song. And one that I will play over and over. This is both melodic as well as melancholic in that Ruhr grayness that to me is Germany in a nut shell. Anders Ekdahl

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