ELM STREET “Barbed Wire Metal”

“Barbed Wire Metal”
Nightmare On Elm Street was a pretty scary movie for its time. Freddy Krueger with his razor sharp nails was a terrifying character. Today that movie seems like a kid play compared to things like Saw and most other horror flicks. So naming your band Elm Street brings with it a certain degree of expectations. Elm Street are thrash metal the way latter day Whiplash was thrash metal. This is melodic the way Megadeth are melodic. This is pretty modern thrash metal without it being Slipknot or Machine Head. I like this new wave of thrash metal that has emerged lately with all kinds of different bands doing their best at thrashing hard. Elm Street are melodic and they are up-tempo in a very positive way. Music makes me happy but Elm Street makes me happy in a different way and I usually don’t like music that makes me happy this way. Anders Ekdahl

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