ELMSFIRE “Thieves Of The Sun”

“Thieves Of The Sun”
I have tried to but failed miserably trying to understand the greatness of Tolkien’s books. I understand the movie “St Elmos Fire” better. Not that I know if Elmsfire have anything to do with either but that was what came to me the first time I saw this album. Other than that I get a feeling that this is another epic power metal album that could be either the greatest thing since sliced bread or just a total turd. As I’m a big sucker for anything epical in power metal this turned out to be right up my alley. I know that this kind of metal is big in Germany, Italy and Greece and I can understand why. There is something very titillating about grand arrangements and heavy guitars. Something that brings me back to the books of Tolkien and the world he created. This is my literary journey. This I understand better than that of Mordor and whatever all is called in those books. Anders Ekdahl

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