ELOA VADAATH “Dead End Proclama”

”Dead End Proclama”
Italian progressive metal. Not the biggest block buster there is. Or is it? Italians and prog has a long history and for most of the time they’ve done it well to say the least. ELOA VADAATH might have a name that bring s to mind Star Wars or any other sci-fi flick but I hope that the music isn’t as far out as that. Just because you use Indian instruments doesn’t make you interesting. That Beatles did it does not make it cool for every other band to do so too. I gotta admit that ELOA VADAATH turned out to be so much more heavier than I ever expected. Sure, you get the progressive tendencies but you also got extreme metal (metalcore?) thrown in every now and then just to spice up the dish. Perhaps not as sci-fi as I had hoped for with this being so much more grounded than I ever expected it to be. But still interesting enough to keep me listening. Anders Ekdahl

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