Elvenking – “Era”

Elvenking – “Era” (AFM Records)

Elvenking are an Italian power metal band who infuse their sound with heaps of folk dance music. Along with melodic speed come fiddles, violins and whistles on the likes of ‘Poor Little Baroness’, ‘Chronicle Of A Frozen Era’ and ‘Through Wolf’s Eyes’, although Damna’s vocals are somewhat different, being more straight up rock n raw style, giving some of their ballads an almost AORish feel. The band also retain enough heavy metal influences in there too especially in the dual guitar melody breaks indicating some Maiden influences. Elvenking have been through various challenges in their 15 year career but I do think there is worth in their folk power metal, which is played well and passion – I guess my only gripe is having gone thru all that effort, the songs fall short of their epic potential almost teasing at being such, but never quite getting there in favour of a more rockier approach.

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