Elvenking – “The Night Of Nights – Live”


Elvenking – “The Night Of Nights – Live” 2CD / DVD (AFM Records)

Live album of the year! If I wasn’t an Elvenking fan before, I sure am after this amazing release! After 8 studio albums, these Italian folk metallers finally got around to a live album – and boy, did they go to town for this one!! Vocalist Damna needn’t bother asking this rabid Pordanone crowd to scream for him – cos they’re already doing so well before the music ha ha!!! There some live albums that really become classics and “The Night Of Nights – Live” is destined to become one of these. The energy jumping from the band to its fans and beyond to the listener is simply electrifying across the full set of 25 tracks on the 2 hours+ playing time on the DVD and 2 CDs. Abundantly flowing medieval melodies immediately grab your heart and once Lethien’s possessing folk violin starts weaving its frisky tune you cannot help but succumb to the beauty and majesty as you join the rapture, singing along to unbelievably catchy songs like the epic ‘Moonbeam Stone Circle’, the crowd shout out of ‘Trow’s Kind’ and the shaking the rafters ‘Elvenlegions’ – man, who needs a choir when you’ve got this raucous Pordanone crowd behind you!!! With plenty of horsepower coming from the dual guitars of Aydan and Rafahel as well as a galloping back line including plenty of double bass drum runs from Symohn, Elvenking also possess plenty of gusto to rival any power metal band in matching these fairy tales of love, heartbreak n fire to their folk passion. Closing with the singalong ‘Pagan Purity’ the 4 song encore is fully justified and I, for one, am envious that I was not there that special night. Elvenking’s highpoint without a shadow of a doubt.

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