ELVENSTORM “Of Rage and War”

“Of Rage And War”
(Inferno Records)
I have a very soft spot for Belgian Acid. Have had so ever since I first heard them in the 80s. The first time I heard Elvenstorm I had a flashback to that very first time I heard Acid. Not only because they have a female vocalist that doesn’t sound like all the other song birds we get in metal but because the music has that up-tempo and active feeling to it. This is metal, call it heavy, power or speed, that is just that; metal. Nothing fake or fancy here, no sir. Just pure unadulterated metal in the best possible way. I like it that same way I liked Iron Maiden or Saxon the first time I heard them. Or how Helloween made me feel when I heard them the first time. You get a sense of freedom and strength listening to Elvenstorm. That to me is what heavy metal is all about. And that it makes me think of Acid, probably my most fave band of all time, just adds to the overall positive feel I get. Anders Ekdahl

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