ELYSIAN “Wires Of Creation”

“Wires Of Creation”
With so many bands all over the world and so few chords to chose from I’m surprised that they don’t end up sounding all the same. But thankfully there are still combinations to be found to make it somewhat original. Australian Elysian have found enough original chord sequences to make me sit up and take notice. Perhaps not as hard and heavy (well heavy it is) that I anticipated this is still some pretty cool borderline death metal. There is an esoteric side to the music that makes me think Isis gone death. They seem to work very much with atmosphere and space. I like that. It gives the music a floating feeling. Cool. With so many bands trying not to sound the same you are more likely to end up with a whole bunch of bands sounding alike. Elysian have managed to avoid that trap. This is pretty original and not to forget darn good. Anders Ekdahl

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