Emil Bulls – “Kill Your Demons”

Emil Bulls – “Kill Your Demons” (AFM Records)

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A well known name certainly in Germany, Emil Bulls have been around for close to 20 years, having played Rock am Ring and at one stage being signed to Island Records and having charting albums to their name. With a steady stream of releases over the years and constant touring, this band is as fresh as it was since it was formed out’ve the convent school the early members attended! “Kill Your Demons” is their 9th album and despite its aggressive title and even more drab cover courtesy of Korean artist Shin Kwangho, the 12 tracks here are pulsating with passion, energy and most of all, positive uplifting vibes!! As a veteran band, Emil Bulls know how to mix it and they certainly do in hugely catchy doses across the material, drawing from djent, hardcore, punk pop and hard / soft modern rock – essentially true fusion with plenty of memorable, singalong songs that hit across the spectrum of emotions from love to outright aggression – and all ably matched by founder Christoph von Freydorf’s truly dexterous vocals! From the heavy hardcore of ‘Gone Dark’ where his roars effortlessly shift to tender croons, the twin guitars of Andy Bock and Stephan Karl follow suite, chundering on the one hand before dishing out emo overload in the form of heartbreaking punk pop melodies that soon get you (sub)consciously nodding while being carried off by waves of positivity. Grinding even harder on ‘The Ninth Wave’ it’s aggressive hardcore all the way – that is until the addictive melodic dance like chorus hits you and carries you off into euphoria once more, while on ‘The Anatomy Of Fear’ things slow down but to a massively atmospheric sound that was clearly designed to demolish stadiums with crushing riffs but equally charged guitar melodies, rapid fire rapped vocals and of course, the inevitable singalong chorus! Sung in English with a universal sound, it’s all impossible to resist prompting the thought that it’s about time this excellent band got out’ve their ring onto the international circuit? Emil Bulls – now there’s a name to check out…..

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