Emil Bulls – “Sacrifice To Venus”


Emil Bulls – “Sacrifice To Venus” (AFM Records)

One of the flagships of the German music scene, Emil Bulls have been delivering fresh and captivating music that saw their last album reach number 16 in the German Media Control Charts. Formed in the mid 90s during the growth years of Nu Metal, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the band’s diverse sound is rooted in this style with Christoph “Christ” von Freydorf’s vocals incorporating the full range from screamo to rap to hoarse along with the music that follows with catchy guitar melodies but equally an aggressive rhythm when these Bulls wanna roar. Most of all, they take heart in their catchy pop harmonies that incorporate plenty of passion A-Ha style – indeed, one of their early hits was a cover of ‘Take On Me’! Three 3 years on since their last album due to heavy touring as well the band’s desire to be patient in getting things right rather than on a planned schedule, expect a bopping, energy fueled album reflective of their live show with plenty of air punching, attitude and groove on songs like the crowd decimating rapid rap rock of ‘Man Or Mouse’, the dark emo of ‘Rainbows And Butterflies’ and the never say die passion in ‘Keep On Dreaming’. Definitely a band that’s hard to pin down, undoubtedly that is also the strength of the Bulls, but moreover that whatever their style, it’s the amazing hooks and melodies drawn harmoniously together that keeps their legions of fans so loyal.

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