EMPATIC GODS “Gods Of Thousand Souls”

“Gods Of Thousand Souls”
(Terrasound Records)
Polish metal of the 80s might have been looked at as a joke but Polish metal of the 10s is no laughing matter. Some of my greatest metal experiences of lately have been Polish. Empatic Gods might be new to me to they are old to the scene. This is to my ears thrash metal the way it sounded in Germany in the 80s without any of the retro stuff that seem to be going on today. This is Teutonic thrash the way progress wanted it to sound like. It’s a full on blast of good old thrash metal done the raw way. I like the way this album makes me feel like 16 again, discovering creator for the first time. Not the World’s most original sound but a sound that still works in 2012. Anders Ekdahl

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