Empires Of Eden – “Channelling The Infinite”

Empires Of Eden – “Channelling The Infinite” (Music Buy Mail / Cargo Records)

EOE is a collaborative project orchestrated by Australia’s Stu Marshall (ex-Dungeon) featuring an amazing array of vocalists ranging from Udo to Steve Grimmett to Cage’s Sean Peck to Metal Church’s Ronny Munroe – to name but a few! While Stu composes and plays all the music, which is stylized to each of his guest vocalists, they retain the freedom to write their own lyrics and incorporate their own melodies, thus making for superb songs that reflect the heavy, power and melodic genres that each of them are associated with. From the heavy riffs of ‘Hammer Down’ that feature Udo’s trademark air raid siren screams to the soulful guitar melodies on ‘White Wings’ on which Ronny Munroe’s epic vocals soar to Sean Peck’s shredding vocals on the majestic and intense ‘Born A King’, Stu Marshall has done a superb job on “Channelling The Infinite” which does exactly what it says on the tin!

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