(Dark Descent)
Belgium might best be known for that child peeing but metal not so much. OK so they had a couple of cool bands in the 80s but that’s 3 decades ago. Name one single Belgian act of the 21st century that has made it big where it matters. Nah, thought so. It is close to impossible. Emptiness might be Belgians but that they are the saviours of the Belgian international metal scene is to ask for too much. I’ll settle for them being good period. Emptiness reminds me of the 90s English death/doom scene where bands like Anathema, Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride spread doom’n’gloom across the globe. I came to think of Earthcorpse too and that I should go back and check them out again. This is slow, dragging your feet behind metal that won’t get you in a good mood. Anders Ekdahl

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