EN NIHIL “The Approaching Dark”

“The Approaching Dark”
For some reason I find industrial music intriguing. I can’t explain what it is about industrial music that entices me but there is something to primal and raw that I find exciting. American EN NIHIL is a band whose name I’ve seen floating around but never got round to checking out. Until now that is. Described as death industrial I look forward to be invited into the universe that is their music. If you ever wondered what the apocalypse would sound like put to music this is the kind of stuff you should listen to. While not even close to music in the conventional terms this is some really haunting sounds. Listen to it with headphones on late at night and you’ll need to seek professional help when you wake up. This is really disturbing and bloody beautiful. In the 90s I used to get sent much more of this kind of stuff and I do miss it. This was a really cool introduction to EN NIHIL. Anders Ekdahl

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