ENCHANTYA “Dark Rising”

”Dark Rising”
I’m really starting to resent the term female fronted metal as if that alone is a genre. It shouldn’t matter what gender the front person is. What should matter is if the music is any good. Who cares if it is a male or female voice you get to hear. But in this time and age image is what sells. And with the success of bands like Nightwish or Within Tempation there is a market void to fill for any band with a female singer. Be it goth, heavy or death metal. I do celebrate any attempt at gender equality and welcome with open arms any and all female musicians. Enchantya will not re-invent the wheel. This is no different to a handful of other bands operating within the same parameters. But that doesn’t bother me when it is as good as this is. Apart from the obvious operatic female voice and the goth/Theatre of Tragedy tendencies there is a touch of good old heavy metal too in the sound. All that combined makes for an interesting album. Anders Ekdahl

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