End Of September – “End Of September”

(Ulterium Records)

This Swedish female fronted band started only a few years back, but suffered a 2 year hiatus when their original vocalist left before Elin Redin joined them. Despite being compared to the likes of Evanescence or Within Temptation, listening to songs like ‘Fallen’, ‘Left In This World’ and ‘Waiting For The Rain’ I’d say there’s really nothing gothic nor symphonic about them but essentially they play hard rock with Erik Tordsson’s guitar being almost Alter Bridge / Creed like in its heavy, fuzzy, post grunge sound, while Redin’s femme vocals, while being high, aren’t in any particular style. Overall, End Of September show a lot of promise musically but having not played any gigs yet, it remains to be seen whether they can take this band beyond a personal passion to that of a commercial one.

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