ENDE “Emën Etan”

“Emën Etan”

Battle Helm Rating

This band has a very bleak band name if you are Swedish like. ENDE in Swedish can be translated as “the only”, as in “the only one left”. I have no idea if it is a French word too and if so what it means so I’ll will go with the Swedish meaning and hope that the music follow in that melancholic track that the name has set for me. Once past the intro the melancholia came pouring out. This could best be described as DSBM. That is the feeling I get from listening to this. You can feel how the greyness creeps up on you and totally engulfs you. There is nothing light about this. It is all a giant burden. I am a huge fan of DSBM. This to me is a really strong album. Anders Ekdahl

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