ENDEZZMA “Erotik Nekrosis”

“Erotik Nekrosis”
This is a total blank for me. I sometime pride myself for being down with the underground but I have to admit defeat on this one. There are way too many bands out there to have any sort of clue about them all. Sometime you come up empty like I did with Endezzma. Even if I’ve come upon the name previously it hasn’t sunk in or stuck by me. This is black metal. That much I’m sure of. But what kind of black metal is it? I’d say that this is like a cross between all the Nordic variants. I get an Impaled Nazarene vibe, some Dark Funeral feeling and even some Darkthrone simplicity. Or perhaps this could be described as a cross between Motorhead and early Bathory. All I know is that it all sounds so familiar in its old school simplicity. This is basic without becoming Hellhammer basic. There is a cool deathrash feel to this album. That time doesn’t matter, just great music does. A surprise that I’ll take with me for a long time. Anders Ekdahl

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