ENDLOS ” Im Fallen Verlaufen”

” Im Fallen Verlaufen”
(Symbol of Domination)

Battle Helm Rating

Even though Germany is only a ferry ride away it isn’t a place that I visit too often. And if I go it is mainly to buy cheap booze and cider. But Germany has given me a hell of a lot of cool metal moments over the years. And hopefully I’ll have many more cool German metal moments to look forward to in the future. There is something about the German language that fits dsbm like a glove. At least to me as somebody that stands on the outside looking in. I wouldn’t call ENDLOS dsbm. There is much more of a hardcore feeling to this. Like punk has gone black metal. On paper perhaps an odd mix but on record, not so off as you’d imagine. Like a Deathspell Omega overdosing on German hardcore punk. Anders Ekdahl

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