ENDOVEIN “Supreme Insatiable Need”

“Supreme Insatiable Need”
(My Graveyard)
I guess there is some clever meaning to the band’s name but I can’t see it. Not that it really is that much of a problem. I’ve seen bands with far worse names delivering the goods. At least it stands out enough for you to notice it. Looking at the shirts the members have on in the photo you would be forgiven to think that this was a rerelease of an album from the 80s. But from those shirts you can also tell that this will be an album of thrash that has more than one foot in the 80s. If you like bands like Death Angel or Onslaught with Steve Grimmet on vocals or early Megadeth then you will find pleasure in this album. Just as I’ve done. I know that I keep coming back to the 80s more times than seem healthy but let’s face it; back in the days some damn fine metal was produced. Stuff that still sounds as good today as it did when it was new. Hence my love for all this retro metal that pops up today sounding just as good now as it did back then. ENDO VEIN is another band that does it so good today. Anders Ekdahl

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