ENDRAH “The Culling”

“The Culling”
(Epochal Artist Records/Capitol Music Group)
Brazilian metal will always have a special spot in my metal heart. I’ve had some great times to it from Sepultura to Krisiun. From the darkest obscure extreme to the most melodic progressive metal I’ve always found something to get down with. This I don’t really know where to place. I guess Pantera is as a reference as any. It has got that chugging beat to it that I associate with Pantera. But in a much more brutal style. Not my first choice of metal but when done well I have no problems with it. I can take the low tempo, I can take the heaviness and I can take the constant stop and start. What I can’t take is bloody lousy songs. ENDRAH have got the first three but luckily we are spared the awful songs. This is pretty cool. Anders Ekdahl

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