Endseeker – “Mount Carcass”

Endseeker – “Mount Carcass” (Metal Blade Records)
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Formed in 2014, this old school Deutsch death metal band have become one of the premier outfits in their genre as a result of two prior acclaimed full-length releases and furious touring in their native Germany. Now comes album number 3 and it proves why both musically and cerebrally, Endseeker are a force to contend with! Taking their musical inspiration from across the death metal spectrum, there’s as much Bolt Thrower in there as Entombed and Gorefest, with little restraint in holding back the crust / punk element across the 9 tracks here, right down to the socially conscious album cover. Indeed, “Mount Carcass” is a political album, and as such the first for a band whose musicians have previously kept their thoughts off record, but in view of the pandemic have felt compelled to comment on the global insanity. With the title track commenting on the commoditisation on climbing Mount Everest, which now seems to be as famous for its death toll as its near extortionate climbing fees, other topics include the growing belief in conspiracy theories, a famous bear nicknamed ‘Pablo Escobear’ who died from eating $15 million worth of cocaine, and a cover of the theme song to John Carpenter’s “Escape From New York” in honour of its 40th anniversary this year! Kicking off things in classic zombie fashion, ‘Unholy Rites’ does exactly that through its filthy twin guitars issuing catchy down tuned menace contrasted by some very stylish melancholic melodies while whirring crazily to match Andre’s insane drumming and Lenny’s ugly drawl. Chugging in like a freight train on ‘Merciless Death’, the reverb radiating out’ve the guitars is awesome, as is the subtle melodic topping, while the drums crash and bash to a massive sound, matched by Lenny’s drawl which is in perfect synch to the dirty beat as it chunders off like a runaway propelled by Andre’s limitless steam! Wailing in feedback and chopping brutally on ‘Frantic Redemption’, the walls of power riffing are awesome and contrast Lenny’s slow drawl superbly, and as the double bass drumming bombast blasts around you,  the death ‘n’ roll groove is to die for – and you certainly will on this stunning 3rd album from Endseeker – brilliant!
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