Endseeker – “The Harvest”

Endseeker – “The Harvest” (Metal Blade Records)
Battle Helm Rating
Prepare for the Hamburg hammer! If 2017’s “Flesh Hammer Prophecy” gave you an inkling of what this death metal crew were all about, then think again cos there’s been a slight shift in their sound. If you’re a lover of Boss HM-2 then those dirty unmistakable Swe-deth riffs will no doubt have you thinking of the old school glory days of Entombed, Dismember and Grave – which is total heaven to me ha ha! Uniquely inspired by nature (!) in their take on death metal, there’s almost a philosophical feel to this sophomore, with a natural shift towards the new style but influenced by the band coming closer together – along with a guest slot from Grave’s shredder Mika Lagrén laying down his own interpretation to Marty Friedman’s solo on the band’s cover of Megadeth’s ‘Symphony Of Destruction’, another choice to step slightly out’ve the death metal box. Chopping in on ‘Vicious Devourer’, Kummer’s blistering double bass drums set the searing beat over which the dirty, scything riffola of Jury and Ben unfolds as Eggert’s bass booms its bottom heavy brutality to bring back those 90s halcyon days. While not exactly being original, Endseeker do add in their own touches mainly in melodic elements here and there to allow the 10 songs to not only flow smoothly so it’s not one big razor burn experience, but actually make the overall nastiness even more evident! On the (slightly) slower ‘Epitome Of Decadence’, the jumping Slayer licks work a treat, but its the massive Bolt Thrower style wall of death that really adds the menace as well as its unforgettable catchiness inherent in some gripping power grooves over which Lenny’s suited roars do a splendid job (and indeed across the album as a whole). With the syrup thick Swe-deth riffs overflowing on the mid tempo ‘Whores Of War’ accompanied by some superb scandi melodies making for an epic feel reminiscent of early In Flames, it’s manifestly clear that this new style fits right into Endseeker’s new ambitions, even if they still consider themselves to be genuine next door guys to have a beer with. So check out “The Harvest” cos it’s not bullshit, not pseudo evil stuff, just ripping old school death metal!
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