ENEMY REIGN “Tormented To Oblivion”

“Tormented To Oblivion”
A while ago ( a couple of years) I made a note to myself to check this lot out but as with almost anything I plan on doing it all ran out into the sand. It wasn’t until this summer that I found that note again and sent for the CD. Back came a digital file that contained a revised/remixed (?) version of the album on LP. And since I found it enticing I hereby review it for you guys. Not knowing anything about ENEMY REIGN and only having the info given on the CD/LP to go with this is supposed to be death metal. And death metal it is. If you like your death metal aggressive in a Vader sort of way (less intensive though) you might want to check this out. This is the kind of death metal that when played on high volume in your car will make people turn around expecting the apocalypse to come. Anders Ekdahl

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