ENFEEBLE “Momentum Of Tranquility”

“Momentum Of Tranquility”

Battle Helm Rating

I have no prior knowledge of this band’s music that I can recall. Although the band name seem very familiar I can’t remember having done anything with them in the past. So it is with a clear mind that I take this one on. I’m not gonna go on about how I have no clue what metalcore is today, I’ll just enjoy this for what it is and keep an open ear or two. Something that do annoy me a bit is this switch between growl and clean vocals. I still haven’t figured out the reason for it. But that is a minor detail that I can live with. ENFEEBLE kinda reminds me of a harder Sonic Syndicate or an In Flame that has gone metalcore. There is a very clear Swedish touch to this German band’s music. And that is a positive thing. Anders Ekdahl

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