Enforcer – “Death By Fire”

Enforcer – “Death By Fire” (Nuclear Blast)

‘…satan, take me and carry me awaaaay..’ – holy crap, is that a chick on vocals!??! Like Priest and Maiden at incredible speed, Sweden’s Enforcer join other crazed newbie bands like Cauldron and Barn Burner in resurrecting the old school – in this case speed metal! Laden with studded wrist bands, squashed by spandex and resplendent in head bandanas, Enforcer play it so fast that Satan could indeed have his firebrand pitchfork up their asses! And yet they play true. Olof Wikstrand’s (yeah he’s actually a dude) girlie high vocals together with Joseph Toll’s twin guitar attack mixes crazy boogie warblings, piling hard rock riffola and totally insane soloing that is simply out’ve this world – talk about school of metal! Ok, old school guys like me have seen it before in the 80s but the amazing energy and sheer relentless assault of songs like ‘Bells Of Hades’, ‘Mesmerized By Fire’ and ‘Death Rides This Night’ certainly make this a shredding trial by fire that will burn your house to the ground.

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