ENGORGEMENT “Excruciating Internal Lacerations”

“Excruciating Internal Lacerations”
Those that don’t see the humour in Cannibal Corpse’s lyrics have deeper issues than that. They should seek professional help instead of lashing out at a band’s lyrics. I have no such issues. I totally understand where Cannibal Corpse are coming from. Which is why I can fully appreciate the whole gore death metal thing. Engorgement are my latest discovery in this genre. This isn’t death metal for the masses. You need to have a special interest to tackle this otherwise it will just seem like a waste of time. Being borderline grindcore this grinds and hacks and spews forth a mass of bloody flesh. If you don’t want to be splashed with brain tissue stay well clear of Engorgement. If you don’t mind the odd Carcass or Cannibal Corpse hint then this is the stuff for you. I find enjoyment in this gory mess of an album. Anders Ekdahl

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