ENID “Munsalvaesche”

Enid is a strange beast. Not that it is hard to understand their music. This is more of an emotional journey than a full on metal frenzy. I usually do not want to be transported back to the medieval but it’s hard not to when listening to Enid’s “Munsalvaesche”. I don’t understand the fascination for the medieval that seem to exist in Germany with fairs and festivals. There was nothing festive about life in those ages. That apart, Enid might be a strange beast but goodness gracious what an amusing beast it is. If you like your metal filled with emotions, beautiful melodies and romanticism then you need not look any further. Over 60+ minutes I just sit back and enjoy the journey Enid takes me on. This was so much better than I expected. Another favourite to add to my ever growing collection. Anders Ekdahl

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