ENNUI “End Of The Circle”

“End Of The Circle”
(Non Serviam Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I don’t know when I last received an album from a band from Georgia. No, not Georgia, USA but Georgia that country in the former Soviet Union. It is that exotic to receive stuff from that place that I am a bit gob smacked. This is funeral doom metal. No speed records will be set during the 73 minutes this three track album lasts. With a title track that clocks in on 32 minutes you kinda know that this is gonna be one long journey to the end. But when it is done the way ENNUI does it, it doesn’t matter. Because this is as beautiful as funeral doom metal can be. Melancholic to the brim and filled with so much emotions that you just gotta love it this is one hell of an album for all of us that love it slow and melancholic. Anders Ekdahl

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