ENOID “Negation Du Corps”

“Negation Du Corps”
(Satanath Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I have come across ENOID twice before and every time I have left with a feeling of satisfaction. Both times have given me a moment of black metal relaxation. I have no doubt that this new one too will give me the exact same feeling once I am done with it. There is a tormented feeling about this, that the pain is deep and constant. In that way I come to think of Sweden’s Shining even though the music draws me more towards Dödheimsgard/DHG. This is not easy listening black metal. It does take its toll listening to it. But when you have made it through the whole album you almost feel cathartic. And as with my previous encounters with this band I am leaving with a feeling of fulfillment. This I like. Anders Ekdahl

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