Enormicon – “Storm Of Swords”

“Storm Of Swords”

‘…Stoner metal, psychedelic metal, metal metal, we don’t know what to call this shit. just listen..’!! Oh fuck yeah, these Texans take off their cousins like Dead Horse in producing some new wholesome noise shit fusing High on Fire, Melvins, Celtic Frost and Prong into 6 ditties that are so unpredictable it begs a full listen of this self financed album just to appreciate what the fucks goin on! Characterized by fuzz toned geetar, and even more fuzz toned bass, funky off the wall drumming and weird trippy dual harmony vocals, songs like ‘Slaghammer’, ‘The Gargantuan’ and ‘Brotherhood Of The Plague’ will either fry your puny brain or explode it in ecstasy LOL. Thanks to brainchild (?) guitarist / vocalist Clay Davis another bile spewing monster trio has been unleashed on our poor unsuspecting planet.

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