ENRICO SARZI ”Drive Through”

”Drive Through”
(Street Symphonies Records / Burning Minds Music Group)

Battle Helm Rating

Sometime the artist makes it easy to describe what it is that I am listening to. Enrico Sarzi has done so by describing what it is that he wants me to thing when I listen to his first solo album – “Easy Hard Rock”, thinking of it as a “dinner between Bad Company, Alice In Chains and Adèle… but back in 1985”. I am inclined to agree. A mix between 70s hardrock and 90s grunge with a sort of pop sensibility. I was born in the 70s. And even though I wasn’t into it the pop of the 80s is stuck in my head forever and I totally loved the whole grunge thing of the 90s. This should in other words be my kind of album. And to a certain extent it is. If I play this enough times perhaps this too will live on forever in my head. Anders Ekdahl

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