Enshadowed – “Magic Chaos Psychedelia”

Enshadowed – “Magic Chaos Psychedelia” (Pulverised Records)

Although formed in 1998, Greece’s Enshadowed have been sporadic in their releases, this being their 3rd full length album in six years. Despite this they appear to be a fine band in the black / death vein and ironically seem perfectly timed to reappear alongside the likes of Behemoth, Belphegor etc. Similar in style, “Magic Chaos Psychedelia” is a veritable barrage of neo black metal graced by blast beats and Golgotha’s chaotic Nemtheanga like vocals whilst the guitars alternate between evil Marduk-esque metallic riffing and techno death soloing on booming songs like ‘Black Holes, Death Planets’, ‘Surrealistic Shade Of Color Black’ and ‘Inner Psy-Trip’. I guess this maturity and professionalism must’ve come from performing a lot of live shows with bands like Mayhem, Dodheimsgard, Impaled Nazarene, Dark Funeral, Arkhon Infaustus and many underground bands. Completed by superb production from the band and Septic Flesh skinsman Fotis Bernado, “Magic Chaos Psychedelia” enjoys a progressive, open sound that allows Enshadowed’s music and typically anti-religious lyrics to be worshiped to the max by the masses!

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