ENTHRALLMENT “People From The Land Of Vit”

“People From The Land Of Vit”
(United Guttural)
This Hungarian band are new to me but I still had high expectation on it. And it lived up to all my expectations. This is death metal the way it is played by Cannibal Corpse. This is death metal that is so zombified that you wonder if the dead will rise to conquer the world. If you like melodeath you better stay the hell away from this or you’ll be buried under a pile of rottening meat. I like when you don’t have to think. You just put it on and let it embrace you. It’s like being stuck in quick sand. The more you move the more you are trapped. Let this album flow from your speakers. Let everybody around be embraced by the full on force that is Enthrallment’s death metal. Gotta go, can’t speak anymore. I have to spin this one more time. Anders Ekdahl

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