ENTHRING “The Grim Tales Of Elder”

“The Grim Tales Of The Elder”
I LOVE the fact that the site is generating interest from bands to send us their stuff for review. It makes it so much easier not having to track them down, begging for a review copy. ENTHRING approached us and since we here at BATTLE HELM love our metal who are we to refuse them the space. This Finnish act can best be labeled extreme metal. They incorporate stuff from death, black and a host of other forms of metal to bake the cake that is “The Grim Tales OF Elder”. It is symphonic. It is aggressive. It is OTT metal. You get bombarded by a whole host of impressions listening to this that you at first don’t know what to make of it. But as you get deeper into the album you get a better picture of the music. I guess that the best way to describe this is to call it anthemic black metal. You get dragged into the intensive world that is ENTHRING and you have a hard time getting out. Anders Ekdahl

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