ENTHRONED “Obsidium”

(Agonia Records)
I remember the first time I heard Enthroned back in the late 90s. I wasn’t too impressed by their black metal back then but times have changed. I’ve moved on and so has Enthroned. From being that little band from Belgium to being one of the bigger black metal acts. Enthroned to me are true black metal the way Immortal is true black metal, or the way Dark Funeral is true black metal or Marduk is true black metal, if you get my drift. Black metal at its very core. Just pure aggression, hate and misanthropy. Just the way I imagine my black metal to be all about. No fussy about, or pussyfooting around, just big and bad. Like an elephant in a china shop. You don’t know how to deal with it but you like its presence. I like to every now and then be totally blown away by a full on black metal assault and this week that came down to Enthroned. Anders Ekdahl

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