Entombed – “Live Clandestine – Act I & II”

Entombed – “Live Clandestine – Act I & II” (Threeman Records)

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A unique experience, “Live Clandestine – Act I & II” was a special one off concert in 2 parts featuring the original members of Entombed (Nicke Andersson, Uffe Cederlund and Alex Hellid), the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and Choir to perform the band’s sophomore release in entirety! Presented by Swedish Music journalist / TV host Per Sinding-Larsen, who wittily covers the history of Entombed along with the impact of “Clandestine” on the Swedish music scene and then gracefully introduces the band members along with the orchestra, it’s clear that this is an evening like no other for all involved. In the first act, the band, along with Robert Andersson (Vocals) and Edvin Aftonfalk (bass) of Morbus Chron sit in as part of the ensemble as they cover the 11 songs under the masterful conducting of Josef Rhedin. Full marks have to be given to composer Thomas Von Wachenfeldt, whose superb interpretation of death metal into a classical, symphonic format, rather than plank the music outright, has worked impressively, lending to a dark, film score epic that even astounds the band and orchestra themselves – not to mention the rapturous international audience! Equally, the filming is also brilliant, with plenty of close ups of the scaling and fret board work of Uffe Cederlund and Alex Hellid – the concentration on their faces clearly reflecting the desire for nothing short of perfection in this unique moment of a lifetime. After a break to set a stage, the second act follows with only the band performing the entire album, again with plenty of close ups and angles in the film footage bringing an intimate club feel to the show, yet reflecting the excellent acoustics of the symphony hall as they perform classics like ‘Sinners Bleed’, ‘Stranger Aeons’ and ‘Chaos Breed’ once more, a far cry from those early days when they were pioneering what would become recognised as Swedish death metal. Definitely a life changing moment for all…..

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