Entrails – “Berzerk”


Entrails – “Berzerk” Single (Metal Blade Records)

If the drummer smashed into his kit any harder there would be an earthquake!!!! If you like old school Swe-death a la Dismember, Grave and Entombed then Entrails – who certainly live up to their fetid name – are still in the abattoir hacking out meaty ditties like ‘Dreaming’ on this single taster of things to come. Originally formed in the early 90s, a fifteen hiatus saw the band resurrected in 2008 and things haven’t looked back since for founder Jimmy Lundqvist, whose filthy, distorted guitar work matches Jocke Svensson’s hoarse growls shaking to a primitive death n roll beat that started an entire movement. This is how it was back in the day and Lundqvist is still doing it this way: Death Metal and no fucking else.

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